Natures Plus Source of Life Green and Red

Natures Plus Source of Life Green and Red

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Product No. 30551 - 90 Count Bottle 30 Servings


Experience a Guaranteed Double Strength Burst of Energy from NaturesPlus® Source of Life® GREEN AND RED Multi-Vitamin amp Mineral with Whole Food Concentrates. Combining the Original Source of Life Green with Source of Life RED into a single, exciting bi-layered delivery system yields a synergy that supercharges Source of Lifes already amazing anti-aging, free-radical-stopping activity! The results are so powerful, you`ll feel a Double Strength Burst of Energy - Guaranteed!

STOP free radical damage and slow the aging process while you enjoy Double-Strength Energy-On-The-GO with this revolutionary combination of two of the most important supplements ever launched. The REDlayers proprietary whole food blend and highly active red superfruit phytonutrients neutralize free radicals, disarming their youth-robbing potential.

Meanwhile, the GREEN layer cleanses free-radical debris at the cellular level, providing its world famous Guaranteed Burst of Energy Combining the two layers improves the activity of the entire Free Radical Defense System, for a Double Strength Burst of Energy you can feel throughout the day!


Source of Life Green is world-famous for:
  • the phytonutrient power of premier green superfoods, including spirulina and ligustrum
  • highly active, live enzymes for optimal digestion and GI support
  • food-based essential fatty acids for peak absorption and bioavailability
  • a rich profile of natural source trace elements
  • cleansing free-radical debris at the cellular level
  • high potency vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins for maximum energy
The Source of Life Red layer taps into new science with:
  • measurable antioxidant activity - 1000 ORAC units - from whole foods!
  • anti-aging nutrients, including MSM, N acetyl cysteine, turmeric and grape seed extract
  • lycopene and lutein for antioxidant support of healthy cardiovascular and eye function
  • high-potency vitamin D3 for superior bone health
  • highly bioactive vitamin K2 for blood and bone health
  • Full Spectrum Whole Food Base of more than 100 colorful whole foods

Source of Life RED, which is rich in red whole foods and the worlds most powerful antioxidant superfruits, neutralizes free radicals, thus helping to stop the aging process on the molecular level. Since most free radicals are produced as a byproduct of energy production, red whole food phytonutrients are most active at the mitochondria, where the process occurs.

The original Source of Life Green formula has long been known to support the bodys energy production systems. Because it supercharges the energy-generating Krebs cycle, which functions in the mitochondria of every cell, Source of Life is world-renowned for delivering a Guaranteed Burst of Energy. Its cleansing green superfoods and high potency B-vitamins naturally clear away the cellular debris of energy production and maintains optimal efficiency for energy-on-the-GO.

Combining original Source of Life Green with Source of Life RED achieves a synergistic acceleration of cellular free radical defense and energy production. Source of Life GREEN AND RED gives you a Guaranteed Double Strength Burst of Energy you can feel!

Each powerful serving of Source of Life GREEN AND RED Bi-Layered Tablets delivers:

  • the same powerful vitamin and mineral profile as Original Source of Life, including high potency B-complex vitamins
  • 500 mg of pure energizing spirulina
  • 500 mg of Red Lightning® Whole Food Blend
  • 1000 ORAC Value Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, a measure of antioxidant activity
  • 125 mg of Proprietary Anti-Aging Blend MSM, NAC, turmeric and grape seed extract
  • lycopene and lutein for antioxidant support of healthy cardiovascular and eye function
  • digestive enzymes bromelain and papain
  • patented Activessence for greater absorption
  • over 130 whole foods per serving
Source of Life GREEN AND RED Bi-Layered Tablets are:
  • free from artificial colors and preservatives
  • vegetarian, hypo-allergenic and gluten-free
  • backed by an independent laboratory assay