Pine Needle Essential Oil

Pine Needle Essential Oil

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Combat respiratory infections and skin conditions with Pine Needle Oil from NOW® Essential Oils. This oil may also fight free radical damage and slow down the aging process.

Pine needle oil‚ with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties‚ reportedly alleviates respiratory conditions‚ breathing problems‚ and swelling. As an expectorant‚ it may also break up mucus and expel it from your lungs‚ thereby relieving congestion and sinus discomfort. Pine needle oil from NOW® Essential Oils appears to fight common cold‚ flu‚ oxidative damage‚ and muscle degeneration.

Using pine needle oil for aromatherapy stimulates your mind and body‚ boosts energy levels‚ and supports mood balance. You may also mix pine needle oil with other oils to massage strained muscles and reduce pain and discomfort. It could potentially ease joint stiffness and support easy mobility.

Use Pine Needle Oil from NOW® Essential Oils and it may cleanse and purify your system‚ rejuvenate senses‚ and promote your general well-being.